Most of the building solutions Vertical provides can be installed and used like any other structure, but can be completely dismantled and removed once the project is complete. This leaves no environmental footprint.

In fact, on many projects Vertical supplies and installs environmental fabric underlayment that will act as a barrier in case of any spillage or contamination. This means that when the project is complete the liner can be removed and all of the material above the liner can be reclaimed.

Here are a few more environmental benefits of portable buildings from article “Uses of Portable Buildings”:

Building performance is maximized: Factory made modules pass through a rigid quality control inspection. These portable modules are designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L2 regarding carbon emission. It has been found that most portable buildings are energy efficient thereby reducing energy use.

Materials used are Ozone-friendly: Materials used for insulations in the roof, walls and floor of most portable buildings have a zero Ozone Depleting Potential. This is good news as using portable building has a minimal impact on the environment.

Recyclable materials: Portable buildings are obviously recyclable. Bolted parts can easily be dismantled and re-used. As these buildings are made of steel, the major component is highly and even endlessly recyclable.

Minimized waste: There is less waste generated at the factory and site location. There is also less noise and less vehicle traffic at the site.

Health and Safety: It is a fact that factory-based construction is safer than on-site construction.

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